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Google collects most amount of user data and this app alerts every time your data is tracked



  • Google is believed to collect the most significant amount of data from users.
  • A developer known as Bert Hubert has developed a new application that will notify users whenever their information is monitored.
  • If the app discovers that your data is being monitored, the app makes a noise to warn users.

Google has been discovered to have the most helpful information among all other tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and more. According to a recent research study, Google tracks 39 types of personal information about users. We could soon see an application that alerts users each time Google takes their data. A developer who goes under is Bert Hubertwho has developed an app that will notify users whenever their data is being tracked.

Sharing the link to his app, Hubert wrote on Twitter, “I made a straightforward tool that generates an occasional sound when your computer transmits information to Google.

Here is a demonstration available on the Dutch government job website. The sound starts when you type the domain’s name.” But, there’s a caveat. The application will not work on your Windows device or computer since it was created to work with Linux.

According to 9 to 5 Google, the application is referred to as Google teller. Who uses the IP addresses supplied by Google? Therefore, if the Google teller determines that your computer has been connected to one of these IP addresses, it will emit an alarm to notify you that your personal information has been transferred to Google.

A recent study by brolinks.com found that Google is the largest user information holder across other apps that use technology, such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, and others.

“Most users do not have the time to read through privacy policies that may be several pages long for each website they visit. Furthermore, no one likely knows to understand the privacy rules fully,” a researcher from brolinks stated.

 The researcher also pointed out that Google collects the data, and its entire business model depends on it.

During every tech company, Apple was discovered to be the sole company that stores only the information needed to manage its users’ accounts. As a result, it is not dependent on advertising revenue, as do Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

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