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Windows 12: Release Date


Microsoft released a fresh version of Windows last year, after an extended period, which is Windows 11; Microsoft is believed to release Windows 12 within a few years.

Windows 12 came into the spotlight after an unreliable source announced Microsoft’s latest release schedule; however, Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed all the information and did not officially announce anything about Windows.

Windows 12 Is Speculated To Come In 2024

The story began with Windows Central announcing that Microsoft’s new release cycle would enable Microsoft to release the most recent version of Windows every three years.

In simple words, Microsoft announced two annual updates into a single major update in 2000. We’ll see an updated Windows operating system within few years.

Windows 12 Release Timeline

Based on this assumption, we can expect that Windows 12 will likely arrive in 2024 since Windows 11 launched in 2021, and the last major update will be in 2023. It is likely to have a codename of Sun Valley 3.

In addition, Microsoft is developing Version 2H22 (Sun Valley 2) of Windows 11, which is scheduled to be launched in October this year. The month of October is also the one of Windows 12, so Windows 12 will be found sometime in October 2024.

Will it be Free or Paid

You may wonder if the update is free or costs you money. As of now, there are no details on this. However, we anticipate that it will be cost-effective since, thanks to this update, Microsoft can offer various new options.

Furthermore, the company does not require users to update the latest software version. It’s your decision, or if it was free, then there may be a higher chance that you will need to upgrade.


As Windows begins testing new features of the Insider Program, Windows 12 will receive some elements we have seen during Insider Previews, including the new Google features for searching icons and numerous others. In addition to the above, there will be many other innovative features.

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