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Top Mac Tips in 2022


Computers can make everything run faster. Even though your Mac is already able to handle whatever you put it through, there are ways to make it even more efficient. Whatever the reason, whether it’s work, pleasure, or even something else, These tips will help you complete almost any task you can think of on your Mac.

You can open folders faster when hovering.

If you’re trying to place a document in an existing folder, you usually select it using the pointer, move it across the folder, and wait until the folder pops open. It’s okay; however, it feels like it takes longer than it should. It turns out that you can accelerate this process.

I wasn’t aware of this technique until I came across brolinks.com. Most straightforwardly, within the Accessibility tab of System Preferences » Pointer Control, You’ll discover the option to alter how fast folders open when you hover your file over the top. Slide the slider in the area next in the direction of “Spring-loaded delay” to “Short,” and you’ll never need to wait for anything.

Search is the best friend you can have

Spotlight search could be the most beneficial feature available on your Mac. It lets you look up any files on your PC, launch applications, view results from the internet, solve simple math tasks, read dictionary definitions, and many more. I don’t utilize Finder anymore due to the ease of use of Spotlight.

The reason that what makes Spotlight such a helpful tool is the keyboard shortcut it provides: Command + Space. Any time, you can use this shortcut to get access to everything you’ll need. This makes it an indispensable element in any Mac workflow.

Use Siri (results could differ)

Siri may perhaps not be the best device. However, it could be helpful when it is working. On my Mac, I prefer to use Siri to perform macOS apps and other tasks like the ones I utilize on an iPhone, like setting reminders, checking the weather, or opening up apps or files. If you have an icon for your microphone on your keyboard, you can press it long to activate Siri anytime. If it’s not there, your Mac will likely default to the Command and Space long-press to open Siri.

Of course, as you have noticed from your iPhone, Siri isn’t perfect. While it’s usually simpler to request Siri to schedule a reminder rather than do the task yourself, it will take longer if the system messes up. Take your time, prepare for mistakes, and Siri is a valuable instrument for your day-to-day Mac tasks.

Shortcuts aren’t limited to your iPhone and iPad.

The Shortcuts application for iOS and iPadOS lets the mobile device perform various tasks. However, these same shortcuts are accessible on your PC via the macOS Shortcuts application.

It is possible to use shortcuts to achieve many things, such as downloading YouTube videos, auto-enabling Low Power Mode, and automatically entering split-screen mode when you open frequently-used apps. Check out our other use scenarios for some ideas, or browse through the Shortcuts gallery to look at the other shortcuts users have found useful.

Download a clipboard management program.

Suppose you don’t have the clipboard manager for your Mac, head to the nearest download site. For most Mac users, please Copy and Paste can be used for only one thing at a one-time Copy something, then paste it elsewhere. If you wish to paste something you copied previously, you’ll have to copy it and then copy it again.

A clipboard manager will free you from a lot of stress. This manager will save the copy list of all your copies, making them easily accessible when you require them. I use this feature every single day. It allows me to copy several items from one site and paste them on another without having to keep returning to the source. It also allows me to quickly copy items. I have copied days or hours ago without digging through searches or other apps.

There are many third-party clipboard management tools on macOS, and we’ve listed some of our favorites below.

Download windows manager

Also, purchase one if your computer doesn’t have windows manager installed. It brings window snapping to your Mac. It’s an actual functionality you’ll get within Windows OS. However, macOS is better than it was in the past regarding window management. Suppose you move your mouse on the green button of an open window and press Option to shift the window to either the right or left side of the screen. However, it’s not as efficient as the options that a dedicated window management tool will provide.

For instance, using a keyboard shortcut, Magnet lets you snap windows onto specific areas of your display. It is also possible to snap windows by dragging them into specific corners.

The most effective way to quit and switch between applications

One macOS should must is Command+Tab. This keyboard shortcut opens the menu bar, which includes icons for all apps currently open when you hit the tab; your cursor is moved over the app’s icons.

Release when you’re hovering on the one you’d like to switch to. Switching backward by pressing the key instead of the tab is also possible. The key above the tab also includes the letter tilde (“”) to indicate it.

You could also use this shortcut to close any running apps immediately. Press the tab until your cursor hovers over the application you wish to quit. Then, with the command still in place, press the Q key.

Make use of the Option key.

The option key is macOS, one of the best-kept secrets. If you press it, this key lets you open “hidden” menus and functions you didn’t realize were available. For instance, by holding down Option, when you click in the Apple menu on the upper left, you’ll be able to choose to immediately restart or close down your Mac without the need to open the pop-up windows first. 

In the same way, the menu option to shut down an application is “Quit and Keep Windows,” which will close any windows that are open each time you open the application.

If you are interested in finding out more about the most effective “Option” shortcuts, look up our article here.

Adjust the volume and brightness

If you’ve ever noticed that the volume or brightness buttons on your Mac have changed too much, There’s a way to adjust the changes. When you press the key you’re trying to use, you must hold down Option and Shift. These keys will instruct macOS to alter the brightness of the keyboard display or volume to a quarter instead of an entire step, allowing you to change the brightness or volume quickly to the right setting.

You can browse the internet a bit more quickly.

If you’re using Chrome or Safari, There’s a good chance you are familiar with keyboard shortcuts (like Command + T to open new tabs). There are, however, several keyboard shortcuts to assist you in getting around quicker:

  • Control + Options + Arrow Keys to move between tabs.
  • Command + 1-8. Move between the initial eight tabs.
  • Command + 9 and then move to the final tab.
  • Command and (L)(Safari only) Highlight the bar with the URL.

Avoid the Trash

If you are sure you’d like to see an item deleted and do not want to bother with emptying the trash, you can highlight the file and then hit Command+Option + delete to remove the file from your PC immediately.

Install an SSD

This advice will likely apply to a few Mac users by 2022. However, it’s essential for those whose Mac is still using a virtual hard drive and you want to upgrade to consider an SSD. A spinning disk can’t perform as fast as an SSD; therefore, upgrading it is among the most beneficial things you can do to increase performance and speed and prolong the life of your outdated laptop and iMac.

Suppose you own an older Mac with the HDD, Google instructions for installing an SSD for your specific device. It’s not too complicated or costly; however, it can be an incredible upgrade to the quality of life.

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