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YouTube’s Upcoming Feature: Might Use Your Zooming Habit


YouTube is currently testing. An intriguing feature in the area for Premium members Allows users to zoom into the videos. And it works as you would typically do with images that zoom in or out.

Details about this feature are revealed from the testing phase of YouTube’s latest Features Lab, which is accessible. A time-limited duration. Take a look at the following details.

YouTube tests the most sought-after feature: “Pinch to Zoom.”

I’m sure everyone has tried to zoom a YouTube video at least once. Still, When you tried it, nothing happened. The video is only scaled to full screen, but it may start happening soon.

Google’s owned YouTube is testing its new feature to let you zoom through YouTube videos. The company has made it available to subscribers with a premium subscription to test the quality.

To utilize the feature, you need to squeeze the part of the video that you want to zoom in. Numerous reports can zoom up to 8x is permitted, which sounds great.

At first, YouTube only made it available for users on iOS devices, but today, It is open to Android customers.

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, You can test it within your YouTube application through your profile settings. Menu of the Premium advantages, you can go to youtube now.


As YouTube has revealed. The feature will only be accessible until the 1st of September. And after that, nobody will be able to use it. Currently, YouTube is collecting feedback from its users to improve the feature.

After the closing date of the sale, the company will look at the feedback, and I’m assuming that it will be done following that. In two months will begin rolling it out. However, it’s not clear when Google will offer it to all users or just for premium users.

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